Marco’s Pizza Leaps to No. 99 on Franchise Times Top 400

The Franchise Times Top 400 list (formerly the Top 200+) published its 2021 results, and Marco’s Pizza jumped to No. 99 from No. 133 the previous year. We achieved the highest same-store-sales growth of any franchise featured in the off-premise pizza category, according to the annual ranking.

2020 was a strong year for the pizza industry, particularly for Marco’s, with our quality product, carryout and delivery model plus a quick pivot to add curbside carryout to meet customers’ changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everyone ate a ton of pizza” amidst the demand for at-home luxuries and comfort foods, noted Franchise Times journalist Nicholas Upton. “The segment was up 4.8 percent for delivery players, [while] dine-in [-reliant restaurants] saw sales spiral down 15.2 percent.”

The following is excerpt from Nicolas Upton’s story on the off-premise pizza category:

“A big winner was Marco’s Pizza … Co-CEO and President Tony Libardi said as the world was looking for pizza, the company’s community engagement was a big differentiator. The pandemic, he said, ‘shined a light on the fact that we are a hyperlocal, community-focused business. Each and every one of our franchise owners takes pride in their business and the impact they have in their community,’ he said.”

“Giving to front-line medical workers, teachers or hosting birthday party parades demonstrated that community involvement. He said lightning-fast innovation also made it easier for those warm and fuzzy feelings to translate to sales. ‘The pandemic forced leaders to be aggressive versus conservative when it comes to innovation. By assembling a task force committed to the future, we were able to remain one step ahead,’ said Libardi.”

About Franchise Times and the Top 400

Franchise Times, “The News and Information Source for Franchising,” started its “Franchise Times 200” at the turn of the 21st century to rank the top U.S. franchise systems according to total sales. The name was later changed to “Franchise Times Top 200+” and, this year, to “Franchise Times Top 400.” Research methodology employs a five-month annual process of collecting, analyzing and organizing data.

Official ranking depends on a brand’s global system-wide sales, number of operating units and comparison to the previous year’s performance. Companies are encouraged to voluntarily report their data; otherwise, the Franchise Times researchers create estimates from public financial statements and other disclosure documents. Research for next year’s list will begin in April 2022.

About Marco’s Pizza 

Marco’s is among the fastest-growing pizza brands in U.S., with over 1,000 locations currently operating and room for hundreds more. Visit our Get Started page to take the first steps in opening your own Marco’s restaurant.