Open Territory

In 2022, Marco’s opened it’s 1,100th location. That’s an incredible milestone for any brand, but we still have tremendous room to grow, with opportunities in nearly every market and huge growth opportunities in most of the country. We expect to double our units by the end of 2025, and we easily have room to double again by 2030.

Domestic Opportunities

Available Territories

Future Markets

Incl. Alaska and Hawaii
Inline | Endcap | Stand alone

International Growth Opportunities

Marco’s Pizza partners with master franchisees to grow the brand outside of the United States. Our first master franchisees — in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico — have experienced explosive growth.

We are now accepting applications for master franchisees in Costa Rica and Mexico.


Real Estate Criteria

Exterior photo shows a Marco’s Pizza franchise in an end cap location.

Inline | Endcap | Stand alone

Interior view of a Marco’s Pizza franchise shows white brick tiles on the front counter, wood floors and a handful of tables as well as a shelf full of colorful pizza boxes ready to be used for carryout and delivery.

1,200-1,600 sq. ft.

A silver car sits at the drive-thru window of a Marco's pizza.

pick-up windows preferred

A Marco’s Pizza store stands tall amid a shopping center called The Commons.

Highly Visible

Exterior of a Marco's franchise location.

great co-tenants

Two construction worker looking at plans in front of scaffolding

New or 2nd Generation

The interior of the new Milan-style Marco's design.

Site Selection

Marco’s uses sophisticated tools to assess the potential performance of specific areas and locations. We then combine that data with on-the-ground observations and insights.

A group of masked Marco's employees stand outside of a Marco's franchise in front of a Marco's-branded delivery vehicle, all giving a thumbs up to the camera.

A Great Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunity

Marco’s has hit a tipping point that makes it an ideal choice for multi-unit franchisees. The opportunity is strong because of:
  • Rapidly growing brand recognition and strong same-store sales growth powered largely by a national TV campaign that launched in 2019
  • An incredible support team with deep experience helping multi-unit investors rapidly capitalize on opportunities
  • Plenty of open territory in which you can grow